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HIGH TIDE – a company formed with the intention of promoting Sports, Entertainment and Arts in the country of a billion people where there is no shortage of talent and energy. The Goal of the owners is to promote events that bring the best talent to public and make them competitive and entertaining. The company looks forward to backing such events and promoting arenas of sports, music and arts that have been hidden from public eye for many innumerable years.

With this intention, High Tide is today the proud owner of team HIGH TIDE in the Mumbai Super League to be held on June 20 & 21. It’s an event that intends to promote the sport of Table Tennis and create awareness and entertainment amongst the Public.

India is a country of cricket lovers. Where sports is concerned, India can only think of cricket! Well you can say the next best option that might come to our minds is soccer though or hockey (cause that is supposed to be our national game)!

But do we know of any other sport that we might be able to develop and master at?

No! Why? Well there are various factors that contribute to the success or failure of a sport in a country. These factors include popularity of the sport amongst the public, government support, and availability of infrastructure, recognition to the players or encouragement for tournaments. Table Tennis is one such sport which has immense potential in this country but is lacking the support required.

Practically table tennis is one of the most popular sports in India. Apart from the professional sportspersons, the game is extensively played in schools, colleges and universities. Table Tennis is governed by the Table Tennis Federation of India. Current Global rankings of Indian Team as per the International Table Tennis Federation are:

 Men 26th     Women 27th      Under 18 – Men 26th     Under 18 – Women 19th

Statics clearly show that India has great emerging talent, which requires proper nurturing. However, most of the best players of the nation refrain from playing the sport at the national or international level due to lack of backing, recognition and support for the game. Due to which India may lose lots of best players to oblivion.

To take a small step towards improving the condition of this sport and to bring its popularity to the public at large, the lovers of the game have come up with a unique format in form of ‘Mumbai Super League.’ The event is in form of an “IPL” of table tennis, to popularize the format of the game and to encourage the players. The uniqueness of the tournament is highlighted by its timelines, infusion of features like power play, process of auction for the players, talks on various aspects of the sport to educate players etc.

Its Objective is to give a huge boost to this lovely sport of Table Tennis and hopefully get more and more kids to start playing this sport

To promote any game in the country, if there is any one capable for it, other than the government, it is the corporate houses. This has attracted many game lovers to invest on these players in MSL. One of which being HIGH TIDE Entertainment Private Limited. The objective of High Tide is bring about a revolutionary impact in the field of sports that will create a level playing field for all different sports and players of those sports.

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